Guide: Influencer Marketing for Hispanic Millennials

Speakr Social Influencers Hispanic Millennials marketing spending power

Hispanic Millennials Have Major Spending Power

Hispanic Millennials are one of the fastest-growing population segments in the U.S. Over one-fifth of Millennials identify as Hispanic and their spending power is expected to nearly double in the next few years. This group presents an excellent opportunity for advertisers to connect because, aside from their large numbers, they show a much higher-than-average affinity to name brands and do their research to make informed purchase decisions.

Hispanic Millennials are Bilingual and Bicultural

Research shows this group lives in a cross-cultural world. The majority are bilingual and switch languages fluidly both online and in their personal lives. Brands and advertising that demonstrate an authentic understanding of the Hispanic bicultural landscape are very well received by this group.

Best Practices For Reaching Hispanic Millennials with Influencers

The key to marketing is authenticity. This group responds to brands that speak their language (or languages, in this case!). Influencers are an excellent way to reach this demographic because, as a part of the community, they can deliver brand messages with creative and relatable content. 

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