How to Pay 40% Less For Paid Social Campaigns

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With 30% of time online being spent on social media, paid social is a crucial component of any digital strategy. Paid social allows marketers to reach key audiences where they are spending their time and provides unparalleled audience insights and surgically precise targeting. Moreover, paid social offers powerful optimization and marketers have full control over delivery, ensuring that every advertising dollar can be put to it’s highest use. Further, marketers who attempt to leverage social media to promote their brands without the use of paid social will find themselves dead in the water. Studies show that on average posts from Facebook pages only reach 2.6% of their fans organically, and provides no exposure to new audiences. Further, social media has now surpassed search marketing in terms of driving referrals with 31% coming from social media. In short, when it comes to social, you’ve got to pay to play, and it pays to play.  

What if you could get all of those benefits with 40% more efficiency? You can and you should.

Through a new strategic partnership, Speakr is now offering a revolutionary new paid social ad product: Speakr AMP.  Our media buying technology works with paid social marketplaces to run wildly efficient brand campaigns. When this technology is paired with Speakr influencers, the results are even better. When paid social is used to boost influencer posts rather than brand content, engagement rates improve by 3X! Further, we are seeing extreme efficiencies with 40% lower costs per view and 40% lower cost per engagement.

Although these results are impressive, they shouldn’t be surprising. Branded messaging is not organic to the social experience. Users spend their time on social to engage with other people, not brands. By leveraging influencers, brands can jump into the conversation. Statistics show that audiences find influencer created content both more trustworthy and appealing with 92% of consumers trust influencer recommendations over brand content and 63% trust user-generated content more than branded images. Although content creation is the most powerful way to leverage influencers, they can also vastly improve the effectiveness of content distribution campaigns. When influencers share content, conversion rates rise 3-10 times more than when the content is shared directly by brands.  

Speakr Paid Social flow chart Influencer posts natively on social media, influencer posts is boosted using paid social, speakr optimizes posts toward desired KPI to outperform industry engagement standards

If you are already buying paid social or are considering adding it to your marketing mix, Speakr AMP can deliver high-quality content from top influencers and generate superior results that beat out industry benchmarks. Moreover, we can do it with far less effort. Speakr’s campaign management team will work with you to ensure you get the most value your paid social dollars.

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