Guide: Show Millennial Moms Some Love With Influencers

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Millennial Moms Are Active Shoppers and Social Media Users

Millennial moms are one of the most highly engaged demographic groups on social media. The vast majority have several social media accounts that they check frequently over the course of a day. This heavy reliance on social media provides an excellent opportunity for marketers to reach moms through their social feeds and tap into the incredible spending power of this rapidly growing market segment.

Millennial Moms Look to Other Moms For Recommendations

Research shows that moms love to talk about brands and millennial moms rely more heavily on recommendations from one another than any other social group.  Because of this, influencer marketing is an extremely organic method of getting moms to engage with your brand. In fact, moms trust moms who are influencers as much as they trust one each other when it comes to making purchasing decisions.

Best Practices For Reaching Millennial Moms with Influencers

Moms trust influencer moms as much as they trust one another when it comes to making purchasing decisions.  One main reasons for this is that influencers who are mom’s understand their audiences and what is important to them. When using influencers, allow them to lead the conversation and share their authentic experience with your brand.

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