Read This Before Selecting Influencers On Your Own

75% marketers are frustrated with influencer selection because filtering through endless human and data variables is overwhelming. Naturally, marketers feel they are the most qualified to select their influencers but after analyzing hundreds of campaigns and thousands of posts, we discovered that influencers selected by Speakr performed 3x better than influencers selected by clients. However, the problem is that controlling the influencer selection process can cost marketers 300% of their campaign’s performance.

Here’s what we found…

After analyzing over 400 campaigns, 900 posts, and over 6M engagements separated by Speakr and client-selected influencers, we found that Speakr-selected influencer posts performed 3x higher on average. We observed performance lifts of up to 426% for Speakr-controlled Twitter campaigns, and 140% lifts for Speakr-controlled Facebook campaigns, proving that controlling influencer selection based on assumptions of influencers at face value causes engagements to suffer.

Humans with tech make good decisions

Regardless of who selects the influencers for a campaign, the combination of influencer campaign expertise coupled with the right workflow technology has historically proved that Speakr campaigns perform 2x better than campaigns run 100% in-house by advertisers. It’s through the union of both human expertise and the right technology that influencer campaign performance can be wildly successful. It’s the human variables such as look, feel, creativity, and reputation that have to marry with data-driven variables such as reach, audience demographics, engagement, and pricing to unlock the true power of influencer selection.

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