Guide: Show Moms Some Mother’s Day Love with Influencers

Speakr Mothers Day social media marketing opportunity online shoppers

The Mother of All Holidays

Mother’s Day means that consumers will be spoiling their moms with gifts. Shoppers spend nearly $200 on average each to show their moms how much they care, making all this spending a lucrative opportunity for marketers.

Mother’s Day Shoppers are Going Online

This Mother’s Day, shoppers will go digital in droves, and studies show that online shoppers spend more when they shop online. Even shoppers who are buying in stores will have their phones in-hand to compare prices and gather information. Social media is a dynamically visible way to reach digitally-minded consumers searching for the perfect gift for mom.

Timing is Everything

When creating a Mother’s Day marketing strategy, the timing of shopping trends is crucial. Purchases for specific big-ticket items come earlier in the month, but the majority of shoppers wait until the last minute.


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