Guide: Checkout Influencers for Retail

Speakr fashion influencers help retail, purchase advice, attract quality customer

Shopping is Social

Although the majority of shopping is still happening in brick-and-mortar retail stores, this trend is changing rapidly. Further, in-store purchases are heavily influenced by digital marketing and social recommendations. Shoppers buy with their phones in-hand to compare prices, find store information, and access peer recommendations.

Shoppers Look to Friends and Influencers For Purchase Advice

Word of mouth marketing is still the strongest driver of purchase behavior and peer recommendations have rapidly shifted from one-on-one conversations to the digital realm. Social media referrals from peers and influencers alike shape purchase behavior and have become one of the strongest drivers of retail sales.

Influencers Bring in High-Quality Customers

When influencers talk, their fans are listening. Studies show that influencer recommendations bring in new customers who buy more often and spend more.

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