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Paid influencers, Scott Disick pictured jokes about influencers who don't properly use FTC compliant disclosures often cause issues for marketers

Do you remember this Scott Disick post a while back?

Or who could forget the Play-for-Pay stint where the FTC brought down the hammer on Warner Bros and their influencers like Pewdiepie?

After developing creatives, negotiating pay, applying edits, reshoots, scheduling, gathering content approvals, and posting, it’d be a shame to have a campaign go awry due to sloppy publishing. After all the labor-intensive work involved with building a campaign, you don’t want your messaging to turn away viewers with typos or get the attention of the FTC with non-compliant disclosures (yikes!).

Bottom line, you need to protect the integrity of your messaging.

This is where SafeMessage can help.

Every step of planning is controlled. At times, campaigns can be logistically complex and the human eye can accidentally overlook important details. Luckily, SafeMessage applies a technical messaging review process. SafeMessage ensures that brand messaging and integrity is protected by including required copy, FTC compliant disclosures, negative surveillance (like competitor mentions, profanity, off-brand messaging, recent history, etc.) coupled with our dedicated staff who also oversees this process to make sure content is airtight. This laser-focused one-two punch combo will ensure your messaging is clear while also having that influencer flare and authenticity.

Stay involved with the process. SafeMessage gives you an extra set of eyes for fail-safe campaign publishing. Within the Speakr platform, you have viewing access to all post details so you know exactly what creative has been submitted and where your campaign is during the development stages. By being able to see all the ins and outs, you have more control and transparency with your messaging to ensure that content is up to spec.

Direct feedback to influencers. Submissions aren’t just a one-off submittal process. It’s an ongoing conversation between brands and influencers. When submitted content doesn’t meet creative guidelines, the platform flags it so you can give direct feedback and better direction that is more in line with your messaging needs. You can improve the submission process and response time using direct communication with automated campaign management tools so your feedback doesn’t get lost in a long line of telephone or email “he said, she said.” All campaign communication is housed within one project and one platform, with fail-safe messaging technology which ensures that quality, FTC-compliant, and on-brand messaging is published correctly.

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