Guide: Create a Swoon-Worthy Valentine’s Day Campaign

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Valentine’ Day Isn’t Just for Lovers

Over half of all Americans celebrate Valentine’s Day. Although Valentine’s Day is primarily regarded as a holiday to celebrate romance, a surprising amount of V-Day dollars are being spent on family, friends, schoolmates, co-workers, and pets. There is plenty of love to go around and plenty of opportunities to position your brand as the perfect Valentine.

Love is Moving Online

Each year, more and more Valentines gifts are being purchased online and even research shows that event in-store purchases are heavily influenced by what’s happening online. Shoppers look to social media and influencers for gift ideas and those who follow influencers recommendations tend to spend more on their sweethearts.

Every Cupid Should Know His Target

An effective Valentine’s Day campaign strategy needs to get the timing, audience, and message just right to make a love connection. It’s not too late…most of your customers won’t even start their shopping until the last week before Valentine’s Day!

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