Guide: A New Year Calls for a New Strategy

Speakr new year new marketing strategy and tactics, connection, authenticity, display ads of the past, stay relevant and grow sales
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The New Year is Time to Shape Up

Consumer trends evolve quickly meaning that marketers must stay abreast of the changes and adjust their tactics to stay relevant and grow sales. The New Year is a great time to shape up your marketing strategy and kick last year’s tactics to the curb.

Display Ads are a Thing of The Past

Consumers are paying less and less attention to display ads and a wide majority are employing ad blockers on both their desktops and mobile devices. Rather than being surrounded by digital billboards, consumers prefer advertising that is seamlessly integrated into content they enjoy.

In the Future Things Get Real

As savvy customers turn away from more traditional forms of advertising, brands will need to stop selling and get personal. Connection and authenticity are becoming increasingly important to customers they are often repelled by a heavy-handed brand message but will be drawn in by more native content particularly video content and content created by influencers.  

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