Guide: Smart Marketing Plays for Super Bowl 2017

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Facebook is the real MVP. During the Super Bowl, consumers are extremely active on social media posting, commenting, and interacting with their friends, families, followers, and influencers, leaving advertisers tons of possible opportunities to jump in the conversation. Social media experiences major spikes of activity especially on Facebook.

Fans are watching the game, not your ads. Although consumers are extremely active on social media, they are too busy cheering for their favorite team and watching the Super Bowl with a reported 88% of fans uninterested in what brands are saying on social media during the game. And with studies showing that users now trusting influencers as much as their friends, having influencers back brand messaging will give brands more credibility, interest, and engagement than a brand-direct post during the game.

Non-celebrity influencers are your secret hail mary. Although having a celebrity endorsement seems like a sure win, onboarding a non-celebrity to influencer advertise your brand messaging is an even more powerful tool to reach your audience. Studies showed that users preferred non-celebrity influencers for product endorsements, and consumers were more likely to purchase a product endorsed by an influencer than a celebrity.

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