Guide: Taste Success with Influencer Marketing for CPG Foods

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Social Media is Hungry For Food Content

Food related content is one the most popular content categories on social media and every year consumers appetites are growing. Viewers love food content for a variety of reasons: they find it entertaining, it helps inspire new ideas, they use it to sharpen their chef skills, and they use it for instruction while they cook.

Influencers Put Food on the Table

Influencers create the majority food-related content on social media and their viewers are cooking and shopping along with them. CPG Food items that appear in food related content makes its way to grocery shopping lists and ultimately to the dinner table.

Creativity is a Recipe for Success

In the world of food, creativity and authenticity are paramount. Enticing visuals and tapping into the food content trends are excellent strategies to leave viewers with a good taste in their mouths.  

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